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Appointment Request & Pre-Consultation Form
Jonathon Anderson 

Hello! Welcome to my booking request form!

Thank you for reaching out to book a tattoo with me! Although I'd love to tattoo every person who reaches out to me, unfortunately it's not possible for me to handle every request. Focusing on my strengths in art and tattooing allows me to make the best version of my work. Which means I need to be selective with the work I schedule. Currently, I'm seeking clients for realism, blackout, and bio-organic/abstract styles. I like dark art, surrealism, science fiction, and horror-themed artwork. If you don't think your idea fits into any of these artistic styles or themes, please check out the other artists I work with at Sarenity Tattoo & Body Piercing



Now a bit about my artistic process. I wanted to take the time to prepare this so it can help streamline the booking process and connect me with the right clients to work with.

Before moving any further, please make sure you have your idea well thought out and have gathered any references needed to help me see your vision for your tattoo. It is best to send actual saved files and not screenshots. Please take the time to find the largest-sized versions of your source material as you can; this makes the process of preparing artwork much faster and easier for me.

Please take photos of the body area you are wishing to get the tattoo work done on. These photos will most likely need to be taken by another person to get the right angle, lighting, and area of the body. I need to see you standing in a well-lit room in a relaxed position, as if you were waiting in line for something. Please do not take glamour or selfie shots. We just need the facts. If your project involves other tattoos or has coverup portions, I will need to see clear photos of those tattoos as well. Coverups often require an in-person consultation.

Sketches are also welcomed, as even a basic sketch can show the layout or size and help me understand what you want to accomplish with this project.

References can be anything that inspires your vision of your tattoo. Paintings, drawings, statues, and even other people's tattoos can help me understand the look and overall plan for your project. It is okay if you do not have references and want me to "do my thing," but even ideas on what styles of tattoos you like can be helpful to the process.

When preparing for a tattoo, I will gather source material, submitted references, and any sketches or plans made during the consultation. This may take several hours or days, depending on the job or my availability to do so. This will typically take place about a week prior to the appointment. There are times that I prepare artwork further in advance, but generally, I prefer to have the project artwork fresh in my mind near the actual tattoo appointment. There are other times when inspiration strikes me the evening before or even the morning of the appointment. For this reason, I typically will not be able to send artwork to clients before the tattoo date.

During the initial consultation, I try to cover all of the design details so that we both feel confident about the project and have a clear understanding of its components. Even though there is an aspect of trust that must be present for us to truly create something unique and original together, some artwork clients bring may be able to be tattooed as is, but most of the time I prefer to have the freedom to reinterpret the overall story of the piece with source material of my choosing to help make the most striking results that both my client and I can be proud of.

Here's some more information about my booking process before we move forward.


Some projects will require in-person consultations; others will not. It will all depend on the project and the references provided. I prefer to only do in-person consultations when they are necessary. The majority of the time, online or email consultations work fine. Small adjustments to the tattoo's size, flow, fit, and composition can be made on the day of the appointment if needed.

Tattoo sizes:

Please note that the sizes described below are to help you understand the types of work I typically make. These sizes can vary dramatically depending on the shape, flow, fit, composition, and volume of saturation in the work. This is just a general guide to help you get a basic idea of the coverage for each side of the project.

A small tattoo is something between 3 and 6 inches in diameter. Something that generally takes two hours or less of actual needle time. I am willing to make small tattoos; however, the booking times will be limited as most of my clients get larger sessions and projects. Larger work takes priority in my schedule.

A medium sized tattoo or half-day session is something 4 – 8 inches in size and can take up to 4 hours of tattooing. These equate to about half of my workday. Between setup, application, and breakdown time, these sessions must be paired on days when I can book a small session either before or after the appointment. So availability may be limited for medium-sized sessions as well.

A large tattoo or full-day session is any tattoo or session that will take the full day to complete. My preferred appointment times are full-day sessions. This is for tattoos that are 8/9 - 12/14 inches in size. Or for larger projects such as sleeves and full fronts or backs.

I'd like to reiterate that the sizes can vary dramatically because of a number of factors. Such as density, color or noncolor, and complexity of the design. Some styles require more time than others and may appear smaller or with less coverage in a session. Other styles may enable much more to be covered or completed in a session.

Break times:

I will typically take a few breaks to stretch and have lunch when needed. At this time, my client is also welcome to stretch. Grab some food if needed, use the restroom, etc. I do not smoke, so I do not take smoke breaks. You can take smoke breaks if you wish, but it will cut into the time and amount of tattooing we can accomplish in a session. I am motivated to get as much done as we can, but I understand that some people require breaks to deal with the pain of the tattoo process. I am willing to take breaks whenever they are needed; just understand that maybe it will require us to book an additional session to finish the work.


I require a $250 deposit for every tattoo booked. Once a date is established you will have 72 hours/three days to place the deposit. I prefer that you be prepared to leave the deposit at the consultation/booking time. If you do not place your deposit within the 72 hour given time period your scheduled session will be removed from the calendar and booked to another client.

The deposit is a holding fee. Once placed, the deposit is Non refundable. Even if you contact me the next day with some sort of hardship, I can not refund the deposit. Once I reserve a date and time for you it will prevent me from possibly booking with another potential client. Because of that potential loss, deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. That is why I refer to it as a holding fee. 

This deposit assures me you are a good client to work with who respects both yours & my time. Once the deposit is placed, I start putting together ideas and source material for your project. Your deposit is only applied to the final tattoo price once we have arrived at the studio and began the day for your session. Changing your mind or having a financial hardship are not valid reasons to get a refund on a deposit. So please plan ahead. You can prepay for the tattoo if you'd like, but the same rules and policies apply.

All Deposits/payments are non refundable. 

Are deposits transferable?:

Only with my permission is a deposit transferable to another client. However, giving the deposit to a spouse or friend whose concept has not already been approved or booked in my schedule is not permitted. So I won't be giving the deposit to your sister, brother, friend or cousin unless they actually are already a client in my current schedule. 


If unforeseen, uncontrollable or unavoidable circumstances arise that will prevent you from keeping the day we reserved in my schedule. I will allow a one-time transfer of your deposit to a new date as long as you give me notice 72 hours prior to your appointment time. Although, I understand and empathize that life sometimes gives us a low hand and emergencies can happen, I can not refund a deposit or transfer an existing deposit to a new day without a 72 hour notice prior to the appointment date. 

If at any time you don't think you can make your appointment. Even within the 72 hours prior to the appointment time. Please give me as much notice as possible so I have the best chance of rebooking that day. Especially if we are working on an ongoing project that requires multiple full day sittings. If I can rebook the day with another client, only then will I forward the deposit to a new date, minus a rebooking fee of $200. Of which you will be expected to update your deposit back to its original amount.

I want to have the best relationship I can with all my clients, the best way is to have open and clear communication at all times. An email, message or phone call can go a long way when situations arise. 

Touch Ups:

A touchup, if needed, is free on my tattoos. However, deciding you want to change the tattoo will come with a charge. Adding colors, new elements or just deciding you want the whole tattoo darker/refreshed is not considered a touchup. A new charge will apply. Touch Ups are reserved for any portion of the tattoo that doesn't heal as expected. Usually small areas of the tattoo that either didn't hold the ink as well during healing or were damaged during healing. Please review my healed work so you are familiar with the long term healed result of my tattoos. All tattoos lose some vibrancy and boldness once healed. I make it a point to post mostly healed work so all my clients have a clear understanding of what to expect with their. Communication is key, if you feel you need a touchup or adjustment to one of my tattoos reach out and let's talk about it.



I prefer to work by half day or full day. A half day costs $1,200 and a full day costs $2000. This ensures that we have enough time to focus on your work uninterrupted and accomplish our goal for the day. Some work will require a time frame in between a half day and a full day. Those rates will be determined as  needed.


For clients who prefer to see it broke down hourly:

My current rate for tattooing is $300 per hour. A minimum of 3 hours is required to book.


When booking you will be required to block off a specific amount of time for your session. You will be responsible to pay for this amount of time. Please understand that even though I am charging per hour you will NOT receive a refund/credit for unused time if we finish the work early or if you have to leave the session early for any reason at all. 

You are reserving time form my schedule. You are paying for the time. The byproduct of that time will be your tattoo.

I absolutely hold no hard feelings if I'm not the right artist for you to work with at this time. Even if we have worked together on body art in the past.

Considering the permanent nature of body art and the limited time we all have available. I usually can only work with 40-50 people a year, so I have to be selective. Some of the artists at my shop may be more suited to work with you on your project. I highly recommend checking them out!


 Thank you for taking the time to read and get this far, I hope to see what your ideas are!

You're here! 

I'm so excited to hear your ideas!

But first, a bit more information on what to expect out of our tattoo journey together.

What to wear to your appointment:

Loose-fitting and/or comfortable clothing is recommended. Remember that we will need access to the area being tattooed. There are times we may have to cut sleeves or areas out of the way, so it is recommended to even bring an extra shirt option just in case we need it. Remember that tattoos are painful, so you want to be as comfortable as possible.

Should I eat beforehand?

Yes! Please arrive prepared, having gotten a good night's rest and having eaten something within the last couple of hours before your appointment.

Should I bring anything?

Yes! Please bring anything you might need to help during the session. A small snack or lunch is welcome, as are bottles of water. Some clients will bring tablets or laptops so they can watch movies during the session. If listening to music or watching movies, please bring headphones.

Should I shave the area?

If you have an electric shaver, you can pre-shave the area. Just be careful not to cut or scrape the tattoo area. If necessary, I will shave quickly the day of.

Can I use numbing products?

You can use numbing products if you choose to. However, there is a chance that the numbing product could have an adverse reaction on your skin, resulting in us having to work slower or take more breaks.

How should I pay for my appointment?

I prefer to use a credit card for deposits and cash for the remaining balance due on the day of the appointment. We take cards if necessary, so no worries if you need to use a card.

Please give me your contact information

Please tell me about your tattoo idea.

Please tell me what weekday works best for your consultation or tattoo appointment.
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We've made it to the end!

My final bit of information is to reiterate that I cannot take on every request I receive. If I feel I am the right artist for you and we can work together, I will reach out to schedule with you. I will try to respond one way or another, and in the case that I am not the right artist, I will give a few recommendations of other artists you can reach out to. Please understand that my schedule only allows for so many projects each year. If you do not hear back from me, it does not mean I do not think your idea is good or well thought out; it simply means I cannot work with you on your project at this time. Feel free to resubmit at a later date if you feel I am the right artist for you but you haven't heard back from me at this time.

Thanks for submitting!

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