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Body Piercing Price List

Type | Cost($USD)

Rook ~ $40.00
Daith ~ $50.00
Conch ~ $50.00
Earlobe ~ $30.00
Tragus ~ $40.00

Septum ~ $60.00
Industrial ~ $75.00
Helix ~ $40.00

Shen Men ~$45.00

Eyebrow ~ $40.00

Nostril ~ $40.00

Medusa ~ $50.00

Monroe  ~ $40.00

Tongue ~ $50.00

Vertical Labret ~ $45.00

Labret ~ $40.00

Lip ~ $40.00

Nipple ~ $50.00

Navel ~ $50.00

Dermal Anchor ~$65.00/per

Dermal Removal ~ $40/+

-Requires Consultation with piercer-

All piercing prices include implant grade, sterilized titanium body jewelry, choices my vary. Aftercare sold separately.

Please call ahead to check our availability.


Extended wait times may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Please do not be in a rush, just in case.


Calling to check our availability does not reserve a place in line or guarantee the piercer will be able to fit you in if too many clients are in line before you arrive. 

It is recommended to come earlier in the day to avoid wait time or the possibly not being able to get pierced that day.

Some piercings may require a brief consultation to determine eligibility due to individual anatomy circumstances. Septum, tongue and re-piercing in the same place where a previous piercing has been all require an brief consultation.

Under 18? Please read below.

Some piercing restrictions may apply. Please call to inquire which piercings are available for minors. A parent or legal guardian must be present with the minor at all times.

-A photo I.D. for the minor-

-A photo I.D. for the parent or legal guardian-

-The birth certificate for the minor-

***Age restrictions for body piercings***

Ear Piercing ~ Age 4+

Nostril ~ Age 14+

Industrial ~ Age 15+

Septum ~ Age 15+

Labret ~ Age 15+

Eyebrow ~ Age 15+

Nipple(s) ~ Age 18+

Tongue ~ Age 18+

Navel ~ Age 15+

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