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last updated 8/30/22

Walk-in tattoos are BACK! Availability may change with sudden or no notice. Most days we have an artist available but it is highly recommended to call ahead to see if there is an artist available or if there is an extended wait.


**Calling ahead does not save a spot in line or guarantee that you will be able to get the tattoo done.**

We prefer to not have additional visitors with our clients at this time. if you would like to bring someone with you please check with your artist beforehand to make sure they are comfortable with it. Minors still must bring their parent/guardian in the procedure area with them.

It is recommended you bring a small snack and a bottle of water to your appointment. We can not provide them to you at this time.

Every person entering the studio for any type of procedure must fill out a Covid-19 health check. 

If you are feeling ill in any way please notify us or your artist directly so we can reschedule your appointment for a better time. 

All persons entering the studio must first sanitize at the Sanitation station located at the front entrance of the studio.

All persons in the studio must abide by social distancing of at least six feet from others. Follow the floor markings to help ensure this.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time!

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