Shop Policies regarding Appointments, Deposits, Touch Ups & Merchandise Sales

Appointment Deposits

~Every appointment at Sarenity Tattoo requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.

~A minimum of Fifty dollars($50.00)or up to Fifty percent of the appointment cost.

~The deposit comes off the price of the tattoo session.

~Deposits can be made in person or over the phone.

~We accept Cash, Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards.

~Transferring a deposit from one client to another is not allowed. 

~We do NOT accept checks. 

~We will transfer a deposit one single time in case of a scheduling obstruction ONLY with forty-eight(48) hours notice PRIOR to the appointment time. Only with that notice can we transfer your deposit to another day.

~If you have any reason why you wouldn't be able to make your appointment or are going to be late please contact us immediately.

~Even if within the forty-eight hour transfer notice. Any amount of notice that you won't be able to make your appointment is greatly appreciated. 

~Deposits are Non-Refundable. As well as saving your spot for the particular day and time, the deposit also covers unseen costs in your tattoo preparation. This may include ordering specific supplies and/or spending time researching and preparing your project during the artists' off hours. For these reasons deposits are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. Thank you for understanding that our time is just as valuable to us as your tattoo is to you.

Appointment Requirements & Recommendations:

~All appointments must be booked in person, over the phone or by email to the artist directly.

~All clients must have a valid form of Identification to be tattooed or pierced.

~Clients are expected to maintain a professional manner when receiving their work. Clients are encouraged to take all appropriate steps to ensure the artist can work uninterrupted on their tattoo. Tattooing is very stressful and can be much harder to perform if the client is not able to sit still or must take breaks to handle calls, texts and other personal business.

~We allow only one visitor to accompany the client while the procedure is being performed.

~Clients are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early for their set appointment time to complete paperwork and payment prior to receiving the tattoo.

~Clients who are late for their appointment for any reason will not receive a reduced rate for their work, which means if you are late the time/cost starts when your appointment time starts, not when you arrive. You will be charged the full rate for the session even if the work is not completed during the scheduled time. 

~Appointment times my vary depending on unforeseen circumstances. Examples of unforeseen circumstances may include but are not limited to: clients who pass out/faint during procedures and require extra attention and time for their appointment. Traffic accidents or conditions that my interfere with commutes. Technical or equipment malfunctions prior or during a procedure, design placement issues or client changing ideas and placements at the last minute, etc.

Procedures on minors:

All procedures on minors are subject to approval by the performing artist. All minor procedures require the following documents: Photo I.D. for the parent/guardian of the minor, a photo I.D. for the minor. A school ID or current yearbook is acceptable. And finally the parent/ guardian must present a birth certificate for the minor. If remarriage/name change occurs, bring supporting documents. We are required by law to retain copies of these documents. Parents/guardians must accompany the minor at all times while in the facility. The parent/guardian MUST be present during the procedure. 

Tattoo Pricing:

We have a shop minimum of $60 for all tattooing.

Each artist prices tattoos differently. Some artists choose to work by the hour while others will do a session/piece rate. Ask your artist how they prefer to charge for their service. Discuss your idea with your artist to get an estimate on tattoos that will take multiple hours or sittings to complete. 


We offer free touch-ups if needed on all of our tattoos with the exception of certain body area locations that are known to be areas that do not heal easily or retain the pigment. Fingers/hands, toes/sides of feet, Face/head, ears and lips are examples of common areas that are more difficult to heal or retain the pigments. Such areas will be subject to a minimum touch up fee as determined by the artist performing the work. Touch-ups are only free when a portion of the tattoo did not heal as intended resulting in a lose of ink or clarity/definition in the tattoo. If a tattoo heals as expected without complications and the client wants to add more layers/details/definition/elements to the tattoo a new charge will be applied. Most artists are very passionate about their work and will do their best to make sure every client is 100% satisfied with their tattoo. 

Merchandise Sales:

The sale of any merchandise such as Body jewelry, clothing & Apparel, Art and any other store merchandise is non returnable and non refundable. All products/ art/crafts/merchandise is sold in AS-IS Condition. The customer is solely responsible for examining the condition of any of these products prior to purchase. 



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