Q: Do you take walk-in appointments?

A: We do offer walk-in appointments daily. There may be extended wait times depending on how many walk-ins we have had or the complexity of the artwork. Many of our artists are booked several weeks/months in advance so making an appointment is recommended. Especially if your intending to get your tattoo on a specific day/time or from a specific artist.


Q: What do I need to make an appointment?

A: First you'll want to browse our portfolios and find and artist who matches the style of the tattoo your looking to get. Second, call or stop in and consult with the artist directly, leaving a deposit will ensure your time is booked and will let the artist know you are serious about your tattoo, and serious about their time. third, Make sure you bring your I.D., show up on time or early and be physically and mentally prepared for the coming procedure. 


Q: Can I get any artwork I want tattooed? 

A: Although we greatly appreciate self expression we do reserve the right to refuse certain artwork based on either personal conflicting beliefs or level of design quality.  Our artists prefer to create original compositions or designs based on our clients ideas. 

Q: Does it cost anything to have my design drawn/prepared?

A: There is no charge for artwork as long as an appointment is set and a deposit is left. Our artists also offer to prepare artwork for your future tattoos. For this they will charge a drawing fee. Some artists have their own fees for pre-drawn tattoos. Inquire to your artist for their policy

Q: I'm a minor! What do I need to get a procedure done?

A: Bring your parent or guardian with you. We require ID for both the parent and minor. We also require the minors birth certificate. 


Q: Is my deposit applied to the price of the tattoo?

A: Yes, once the appointment day arrives and you are present the deposit will be applied to the final price of the tattoo.


Q: Will you reproduce another persons tattoo or mine?

A: No, we do not steal or copy anyone's original tattoo. Some designs are meant for reproduction ie: Anchors, infinity signs, feathers, birds etc. These concepts can be reproduced but our artists will take the time to redraw the design and make it customized for your personal tattoo. Please don't ask us to directly reproduce someone else's original tattoo designs. We will not do it.


Q: Do you do all white tattoos?

A: Working strictly with white ink can have an unpredictable outcome, sometimes looking great and other times looking scarred or off-white once healed. We DO offer this type of tattooing, however we do NOT offer free touch-ups on all white tattoos or any other tattooing where proper healing or retaining pigments can not be guaranteed.


Q: Can I bring my child(ren) to my appointment?

A: No, a tattoo shop is a dangerous environment for a young child. You may bring another adult to watch your child in our lobby, however there are many people trying to deal with painful procedures in our shop. If your children are too rowdy or loud/distracting they will have to be taken elsewhere while they wait for your appointment to finish. There are several seating/play areas in the mall for them to wait.  It is recommended to come alone or with one adult friend/spouse for your appointment. Minors are not allowed to sit with you during procedures. 


Q: Should I bring a book/Ipod/tablet/ect.?

A: Yes, we encourage our clients to bring anything they might need to relax throughout the procedure. Please bring headphones or ear buds. Personal speakers/radios will not be allowed. 


Q: What do I need for my appointment?

A: You will need a valid photo I. D. Card or a Drivers License and your appointment card given to you by your artist when you booked your time.

Q: What if I change my idea before my appointment? 

A:   Even though you took the time to reserve a spot, presenting the artist with last minutes changes can require additional drawing time. Which cuts into the available tattoo time. This can add costs and time to the entire project. It is best to have all ideas final prior to booking the appointment. 







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